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Caster Wheel

Caster wheels are used in a variety of industrial and household devices, including shopping carts, toolboxes, and ladders. There are various ways to construct the wheels, including un-driven, compound, single, and double. Caster wheels can be bought in a range of sizes and many of them are constructed with either metal, durable rubber or durable PU, PP components. RF caster wheels from 3” to 12” in different Caster wheels materials like PP, PU, Rubber, Nylon, TPR, ALPU, Nylon Fibre etc which having the high load carrying capacity. Better quality products are readily available at our warehouse. You can also inform us, with full specifications, in case you require any product specially customized for your industry. Depending upon the quantity and sample required we can develop the same models. If you’re in the market for new caster wheels and you’d like to explore your options, please tell us.

Caster Wheel

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