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Other Hinge

RF offers a wide variety of other hinging options shown below,

heavy duty square hinges, small barrel hinges, flag double wrap hinges, pipe hinge sleeves, swivel weld on hinges with nuts, piano hinges, concealed hinges, spring hinges and so on. They are suitable for most applications, due to their unique and simple design. Our hinges are made from many different materials to fit your specific needs. These materials include: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Solid Brass, Heavy-Duty Steel. The 4 inch flag double wrap hinge is our hot type in the market. It has a 1/2 inch diameter pin and made for take-apart applications and easy removal of doors and panels. This hinge is ideal choice for your project. Choosing which hinge will work best for your application can be a challenge. We are here to help! All of our hinges are built to last for many years to come but some do have a heavier duty design than others.

Other Hinge

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