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Something about wheels

  • Construction Characteristics and Application Fields of Caster Wheel


    In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment needs to be moved, so caster wheel are more and more widely used in the world, almost inseparable from all walks of life. Read More

  • What are the different types of wheels?


    The wheels on a car can be said to be the most important part of a car. Without wheels, the car will not roll and therefore will not drive. There are different types of wheels that provide different driving experiences, and it is important to buy the wheels that best suit your car and lifestyle. The different types of wheels that will be discussed next are caster wheel, V-grooved wheels, and rubber guide roller. Read More

  • What are the application areas of wheels?


    RF provides high-quality steel,rubber guide roller, plastic and polyethylene wheels, and there are many different current types to choose from, such as V-groove wheels, gate spring rollers, grill wheels, rubber guide roller, and rotating or rigid caster wheel. If you are looking for high load capacity, impact resistance, heat resistance or traction ability, we can provide the required wheels material and design. Read More

  • A Short History Of Casters


    A Short History Of CastersCasters are one of those things we take for granted and use every day. From the grocery cart to the office chair you sit in, the caster is a part of moving heavy items easily in multiple directions by pushing or pulling. It has become universal in application regardless of Read More

  • How To Select The Right Casters


    How to select the right castersSelecting the correct caster for your application is very important. lf you do not select the correct caster, you or the users of your equipment could be injured. if you are not absolutely certain which caster is the correct one for your use, contact a safety or engine Read More

  • What to Know When Buying Casters


    There are only two reasons why one would ask how to buy a caster. The first is if you are holding a worn out one in your hand. The second is if you are a manufacturer incorporating a caster in your product. Either way you want to know some caster buying basics. Read More



    Casters fall into many different categories: light duty casters, medium duty caster, heavy duty caster, super heavy-duty caster. If classify by the material of the caster wheels, there are PU caster (polyurethane caster wheel), nylon caster wheel (PA caster wheel), rubber caster wheel, cast iron caster wheel etc. Read More

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