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    Advantages of Industrial Robots

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    Now, let's discuss the advantages of using industrial robots in manufacturing systems. Although the investment cost is higher, several economic and intangible benefits can be obtained. Due to their efficient operation, industrial robots are worth investing in and can earn their value back in 2 to 5 years.

    Faster Rate of Production:

    Higher productivity is the number one reason to invest in industrial robotic systems. The robot does not get tired and does not slow down after continuous operation. If properly designed, operated and maintained, they can effectively reduce production time. They can process much faster than humans. This enables them to perform a calculated, rapid sequence of actions, regardless of complexity.

    Higher Load Capacity:

    The drives of industrial robots are orders of magnitude stronger than those of human robots. Their actuators rely on the pressure generated by hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as the electromagnetic forces exhibited by different types of electric drives and motors. Industrial robots also take advantage of the mechanical advantages that come with specially designed arm configurations, and in their basic form, are just simple machines. All of these factors allow robots to easily and efficiently lift heavy objects that are far beyond the reach of manual labor.


    Improved Safety:

    Common workplace hazards include extreme temperatures, high pressure, toxic substances, heavy loads, fast movement and high rotation. Industrial robots are useful in operations involving these hazards to eliminate the risk of injury or even death. They are consumables and are better able to withstand harsh working conditions. They can also be repaired if the damage persists. Also, unlike humans, robots do not cause accidents due to misjudgment, improving workplace safety. But this only holds true if the robot is well designed and programmed.

    Lower Operating Cost:

    Less waste of raw materials and less labor costs are some of the economic benefits that industrial robots bring. These are operational savings, in addition to higher profits from better product quality and faster production rates. The efficient use and handling of raw materials is due to the precise operation of the robotic system. This further results in lower product rejection rates. In terms of labor cost, for the same workload, the operation using manual labor is usually more expensive. There are many miscellaneous costs associated with manual labor, such as government-mandated benefits, subsistence allowances, and training.

    Better Repeatability and Precision:

    In a robotic system, it does work the same way, despite running hundreds or thousands of cycles. Robots can perform the same sequence of operations repeatedly and precisely without human intervention or program modification. Its motion mode, motion range, applied force, speed and other operating parameters are minimally affected by external factors. This results in stable and predictable product quality and operating rates.

    High Accuracy:

    Robotic systems are inherently more precise than human operators. They can easily perform the exact action the program wants. This characteristic is important in manufacturing processes that require tight tolerances, such as the production of automotive and aircraft parts. Installing sensors can improve the accuracy of robotic systems, allowing the machine to sense and analyze its working envelope. As the complexity of the sensors increases, so does the accuracy of the robot.

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