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Spring Rollers

We are dealing on a range of high quality Spring Rollers that are made from selected grades of raw material. Design with precision, these Guide Roller facilitate uniform distribution of the load and assist the roller bearings to handle much greater loads. Our gate rubber rollers and spring rollers are available in different specifications and they are very durable. Especially for rubber guide rollers, we have come in three common lengths with a variety of offsets and either as individual rollers or as an assembly. 3" Rollers are guide for flat gates on level ground, 6" rollers should be used when the ground isn't completely level or there is a slight curve to the top of the gate, 12" rollers are reserved for gates with more pronounce curves such as arch top and bell curve gates. Additionally, you will most likely want to make sure that the roller also has bearings rather the just rolling on the bolt itself. If you choose to buy a premade assembly make sure that it is setup for the proper width of the material that you are using or buy an adjustable roller that can work with multiple sizes. On gates with curved tops you will also need to make sure that the curve is not so extreme as to hit the top of the assembly as it travels through, otherwise you may need to put one roller each on posts on either side of the gate, or fabricate your own roller assembly with the correct dimensions. Tell us more about your ideal Spring Gate rollers!

Spring Rollers

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