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    RF Agency

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      What's about?
      RF sourcing services help you by reducing the cost, lead times, and order quantities of your current products.

      We help you develop new products from the start to finish.

      Whether it is a one-time project or to manage the supply chain, we are here to help you make your sourcing easy, reliable and consistent. 
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      Why us?
        We are professional sourcing specialist with decades of experience who are able to converse and guide you towards the best solution for your needs.
       We are good at finding the Reliable customer-oriented factories and those who Understand Quality through communication, certifications, background, and their reputation.
       We receive multiple quotations and we do cost analysis to make sure the cost is competitive.
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      How it works?
       Listen to the customer’s needs
       Identify the best suppliers at best price
       Do quality control;
       Order Management;
       Packaging
       Inspection.
       Shipping & consolidation
       Storage  
       After sell service
       ​Build successful relationships

    Our Services


    Supplier Reaserch

    Supplier Qualification , Quotations and cost       

    Product Development

    Product design , Sample making , Product Standards , Sample tooling , aggrements 

    Quality Standard

    Communicate Quality requirements , Sign quality agreement , Obtain Certifications     

    Supplier and Order Management

    Supplier assessment ; Supplier classification ; supplier evaluation Expert order management, Lead time, shipping, Custom and Consolidation, paperwork and payment

    Your Chinese Office

    Supplier Qualification , Quotations and cost       


    Pre-shipment Production Inspection

    QC Inspector inspects products according to international and industry standards, as well as your requirements. Comprehensive Report provided upon completion.

    Production Monitoring

    QC Inspector stays at your factory during production and observe the workers making your products, ensure they are meeting your standards, and identify problems in real-time for immediate resolution. 
    Comprehensive Report provided upon completion.

    Manufacturing Audit

    QC Inspector verifies if factory is operating properly and suitable for making your products. All Audits evaluate: Factory Profile, Production Capacity, Factory Facilities, Workflow and Organizational Charts, and Quality Assurance Systems. 
    Comprehensive Report provided upon completion.

    Factory Tour

    Your Sourcing Expert will visit the factory on your behalf to achieve your objectives. This may include negotiating pricing and terms, discussing product designs, or just better understanding capabilities and building a relationship with management. 
    Comprehensive Report provided upon completion.

    Your Chinese Office

    Guide you visit China, Represent your company in China  Visit Factories.  Arrange meetings   Address for goods consolidation

    Company Registration Information
    Advanced Company Registration Information
    Reputational & Legal Checks
    Ownership Chart
    Site Identification

    Product Sourcing  Pricing
    Sourcing built specially for you!


     Consulte with Specialist 
     $ 0  Free to consulte with Pros for up to 1 hour 

     Souring plan at Expert's insight 
     $ 99  1 product  1 month 

     3 offers from 3 factories in Professional quotations 
     $ 299  1 product  1 month 

     5 offers from 5 factories in Professional quotations 
     $ 499  1 product  1 month 

     Ultimate customized sourcing service 
     ???  Any product, any time

     More than 3 products a month, need a Ultimate customized sourcing service for any product at any time,

     You've got a team to help.  Commision is about 1%-5%. 

    Quality Control Pricing
    We take care the details for you!


     Pre-shipment production Inspection
     $ 387  1 working day

     Production Monitoring
     $ 387  1 working day

     Manufacturing audit 
     $ 567  1 working day

     Factory  Tour
     $ 387  1 working day

    Company Verfication Pricing
    Reliable supply chain,way to success


     Company Registration Information
     $ 157  PDF report within 24 hours 

     Advanced Company Registration Information
     $ 199  PDF report within 24 hours 

     Ownership Chart
     $ 109  PDF report within 24 hours 

     Reputational & Legal Checks
     $ 299  PDF report within 24 hours 

     Site Identification
     $ 347  PDF report within 24 hours 


    Oversea Sourcing built for you is so easy to obtain from RF. We are a team with over a decade of sourcing expertise. 
    With expert insight in sourcing field, hardworking as quality, sincere and passionate working attitude, we create our success from doing everything possible sourcing and helping our clients achieve their goals.  
    Find the right product at the lowest possible cost, do quality assurance, monitor the lead time, manage all the orders from start to finish and do shipping consolidation. There's no tasks we can not handle. 
    Let us take care of your sourcing projects and let you focus on your business growth. 



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      Make International Business Easier!
      Hope, Create, Success, Happy. 
      We bring out the BEST.
      Customer first, Service sincerely,
      Quality excellent, Great reputation.

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