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What Is Ratchet Binder?
Ratchet binder, also know as heavy duty ratchet load binder, It is made of alloy steel, the surface is zinc plated and sprayed with red paint. Its industrial use is to connect chains to fix loads to flatbed trucks, rail cars or trailers. In addition, it has two main advantages. This article will foc
What Is Welding Electrode Holder?
Welding electrode holder is a tool used for electric welding that has two handles and is shaped like a pair of pliers.The purpose of the welding electrode holder is to hold the welding rod and conduct the welding current during the welding process. It is used in conjunction with an arc welding machi
Two Materials for Spring Latches
Today we are going to introduce two types of spring latches. Their appearance looks the same, both are spring latches with rubber handles. The usage scene is also the same, both are suitable for wood or metal multi-purpose door latch. But close up you can still see the difference at once. This is be
What Is A Barrel Hinge with Weld Plates ?
Barrel hinges, also known as heavy-duty hinges, are generally cylindrical and consist of two splicing parts. As shown in the picture, one end of the barrel hinge is connected with a grease zerk and there are heavy duty welded plates at the bottom. This article will focus on the advantages and applic
Why do some hinges need grease zerk?
In hinge products, we usually see a phrase such as grease zerk. What does it do? And how to use it?Grease, as the name implies, is the grease that helps to lubricate, and zerk is the vessel that holds the grease.In certain structures of hinges, in order to lubricate the spool and reel and reduce fri
What is toggle clamp?
A toggle clamp is a clamp that locks by switching joints. It is a fast clamping and fast opening mechanism designed by using the dead point principle of mechanical four-link. The primary features of a toggle clamp are that toggle clamps lock in position securely and are quick acting. An operator can
What is the Flat Hinge?
What is a flat hinge, as the name suggests, like the bullet hinge is shaped like a bullet, the flat hinge is also flat. Flat hinges can be found everywhere in our daily life. It is usually made of steel or stainless steel, and is a mechanical device used to connect two solids so that rotation can be
Purpose and Uses of Bullet Hinges
When it comes to bullet hinge, we could imagine what it looks like in real life. Actually, bullet hinges are also known as weld on hinges, lift off hinges and barrel hinges. They provide customers highly-effective method to attach metal doors with metal frames. They could be quite handy, especially
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