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Choose The Best Caster Wheel For Your Project

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Choose The Best Caster Wheel For your Project

An unlimited combination of variables determine the combination of components that a caster needs for a given task. The following describe variables to consider when choose the caster that is right for your use.

Low weight

The higher the the load weight, the larger and more dense the wheel required. Gross weight of a truck/dolly should be divided by the number of casters/wheels on which the weight is distributed.

Floor Conditions

Floor conditions affect caster and wheel performance. To view which wheels perform best on which flooring type, explore our wheel type page.

Unusual Conditions: Each wheel has its strengths and weaknesses in unusual conditions. To view which wheels perform best in which condition, explore our wheel type page.

Extreme Climates

Extreme heat or cold is a problem for most casters and wheels. To view a recommended operating temperature range for various caster wheels, explore our wheel type page.

Rolling Ease

The larger the wheel diameter, and the harder the wheel material, the easier the wheel will roll. Roller bearings carry heavier loads. Ball bearings roll easier but carry lesser loads. Rolling ease is also affected by environmental and application conditions. 


The difference between swivel casters and rigid casters


Swivel casters are casters that will rotate in 360°. This allows you to have a higher degree of maneuverability in your facility. Swivel casters differ from rigid casters, which remain in one position. In order to maintain a higher degree of mobility, clients can use all swivel casters. However, most of the time, it is wise to use a combination of rigid and swivel casters to balance stability with maneuverability. Your particular application will determine this.

Rigid casters are casters that remain in one position. They will not rotate like a swivel caster will. Rigid casters give you great stability but do not give you the mobility advantages that swivel casters give you. For best results, most clients will use a combination of swivel and rigid casters to give them the most favorable mix of stability and maneuverability.


RF offers high-quality steel, rubber, plastic, and polyethylene wheels and has many different current types for choice, such as V-groove wheels, gate spring rollers, BBQ wheels, rubber guide rollers and swivel or rigid caster wheels, etc. Whether you’re looking for high load capacity, impact resistance, heat resistance, or towing capability, we could provide the wheel materials and designs you required. Constructed to endure the harshest applications, our wheels and casters are well-suited for various industries, from steel sliding gates, heavy-duty machines to manufacturing and more. At RF, we fiercely guard our core value of quality excellent and customer satisfaction by designing and manufacturing premium wheels. RF Industrial Wheels, Always the Best. Come and share with us your concept!

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