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Everything to Know About Strap Hinges

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Strap hinges are surface-mounted hinges with a relatively short barrel, and having one or two leaves, or straps, which extend longer than the barrel is high. This type of hinge is designed to support wide or heavy doors, and it is quite robust, due to both the design and the thickness of the material.

RF Industrial Products makes strap hinges to fit applications in either of two general categories: light duty and heavy duty. Our high-quality double strap hinges are typically used for shed doors, crates and cases, while those with a single strap are generally specified for buses, trucks, and trailers.

RF offers strap hinges in a variety of materials and finishes designed to ensure they both look great and perform well. Stainless steel or aluminum strap hinges are best suited for applications where corrosion could affect appearance and function. Our most economical strap hinge solutions, which still provide long duty life, are made of steel and die-cast zinc. To provide longevity and ease of use, some of our strap hinges include a grease fitting, with a removable bolt and lock nut, to allow for periodic hinge lubrication.

If none of the hinges in our extensive catalog meets your exact specifications, RF also offers custom designed and/or modified industrial strap hinges using high-tech design and manufacturing processes, including 3-D CAD, run on the SolidWorks platform, and finite element analysis (FEA) capability. Our fused deposition modeling (FDM) machines allow us to create a 3-dimensional ABS plastic prototype of a part within hours, which we make available to you for use in your design process. Our quality department runs on High Quality Requirments and RF is ISO 9001 certified for industrial quality management. 

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