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    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 30-09-2020      Origin: Site


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    Casters fall into many different categories: light duty casters, medium duty caster, heavy duty caster, super heavy-duty caster. If classify by the material of the caster wheels, there are PU caster (polyurethane caster wheel), nylon caster wheel (PA caster wheel), rubber caster wheel, cast iron caster wheel etc. As so many different types of caster wheel available in the market, it is difficult for user to choose the right caster for their needs.  Now we introduce some tips on Choosing the Right Caster or Caster Wheel. Firstly, you have to check which the factor is most import for you : a. Load Weight; b. Application on special floor Conditions; c. Noise during working; d. Extreme Climates (working environment); e. Rolling Ease; f. Mounted.

    (1) If you need to load heavy goods, we suggest to choose heavy duty caster made of PU, nylon or cast iron, rubber caster is not suggested, because the higher the load weight, the larger and more dense the wheel required. 6 inches wheel or above 6 inches(8”,10”,12”,16”) is suggested.

    (2) If you need to prevent any damage to the working floor, PU wheel and rubber wheel is suggest. Plastic furniture casters move well on carpet but they are light-duty casters and can’t carry large loads. Use large casters if you have to drive over cables. Four swiveling wheels provide the most maneuverability. If you have two swivel and two fixed wheels, you will still have problems moving the casters in some directions. Use casters with locking wheels to keep the unit from rolling.

    (3) If you need silent caster (without making big noise),It is better to choose rubber caster or TPA caster wheel, nylon wheel & iron wheel is not suggested.

    (4) If you need those caster working in extreme hot or cold environment, you can choose the heat resistant caster in hot environment.

    (5) If you need wheels rolling easily ,nylon wheel is suggested if working on hard flooring. The larger the wheel diameter, and the harder the wheel material, the easier the wheel will roll. Choose the right size of the wheel can make your work more easy. Roller bearings carry heavier loads. Ball bearings roll easier but carry lesser loads. Rolling ease is also affected by environmental and application conditions.

    (6) Most shop equipment casters are plate-mounted. Light-duty, inexpensive plastic shop casters that do not swivel are hard to maneuver around corners. They do not roll over electrical cords. It is possible to purchase swiveling shop casters — but that type still won’t roll over electrical cord.

    We understand how to appropriately address any customer demand, and partner with some of the most respected manufacturers of caster and wheel. We keep your business rolling and caster & wheel solutions for your every need. Contact us now!

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