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    How die cutting dies are made

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-09-2022      Origin: Site


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    Steel rule dies are an important part of the die-cutting process. When die-cutting was introduced more than 150 years ago, molds were made by hand and placed on wood chips. Die-cutting using wood is still fairly common today, but the manufacture of molds has advanced with technology to become a more automated and efficient process.

    Design: The mold design is carried out using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Double-check for proper dimensions and parameters to ensure exact proportions.

    Foundation: The foundation of a steel rule mold begins with a flat foundation made of wood or metal. In the case of a rotary mold, the base is a bent piece of metal or wood that will sit on a metal cylinder - or a metal cylinder.

    die cutting

    Laser Cutting: For flat die cutting, the design is laser cut into the base for placement of the steel blade. These cuts or precision cuts are the preparation process for placing the blade.Forming of the insert: The forming of the insert is done with a programmed CNC machine capable of producing the precise shape of the cut. Blades can be complex and complex or simple and uniform. Using a cylinder or rotating mold, the mold is carved into the surface of the cylinder.

    Grooving: The steel ruler is securely attached to the base, creating a strong and stable cutting tool for flat die.

    Ejection Rubber: The ejection rubber attaches to the die so the cut section can be removed safely and ensures that the final cut does not tear, fray, or stick to steel rules.

    Rotary Die: Rotary die cutting starts in the same way as a flat die and is designed using CAD software. The shape of the mold is cut to the base using CNC machining. Unlike flat dies, rotary dies are cut or carved into partial or full cylinders. They can be flexible molds made of engraved steel sheets placed on magnetic cylinders or solid molds engraved on solid metal cylinders. Flexible molds are cheaper because they are simpler, while solid molds are more expensive, last longer, and can be made from a wide variety of metals.

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