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    How to Choose Strap Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 23-12-2020      Origin: Site


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    Consisting of leafs, knuckles and a pin, a hinge is a simple mechanical bearing that’s used to create a joint. They feature two leafs, each of which is installed on a separate workpiece. After the leafs have been secured to the workpieces, they’ll allow for a limited range of rotational movement. A hinge on a door, for example, allows you to open the door — but only to a certain degree.  Hinges come in many different sizes and shapes. Some of them are short and rectangular. There are also strap hinges, which feature a unique size and shape. 

    What Is a Strap Hinge?

    A strap hinge is a mechanical hinge-based bearing that’s defined by its size and shape. It still features the same basic components as all other hinges. Strap hinges have two leafs, a set of knuckles and a single pin. Rather than being short and rectangular, though, they are long and triangular. Some people assume that strap hinges are designed for use on ropes or straps. While some people may use them for applications such as this, they are typically used for gates and doors. Strap hinges are longer than most other hinges, so they offer greater support for the workpieces with which they are used.

    Tips on Choosing Strap Hinges

    When choosing strap hinges, consider their length. All strap hinges are long and triangular, but they are still available in different lengths. Some of them measure 4 inches long, whereas others measure 6 or even 12 inches long. What size should you choose exactly? The ideal length will vary depending on the application. Generally speaking, you’ll need a longer strap hinge to secure heavy workpieces, whereas a shorter length may suffice for lighter workpieces. The material from which it’s made will affect the performance of a strap hinge. Since they are used to secure workpieces, strap hinges should be strong and durable. If a strap hinge is made of a weak material, it may buckle under the weight of the joined workpieces. Steel strap hinges are a popular choice because of their superior strength. They are stronger than aluminum strap hinges. You can also find strap hinges featuring a zinc finish. Known as zinc-plated strap hinges, they are designed to protect against rust and corrosion. With a zinc finish, moisture won’t be able to reach the material from which a strap hinge is made. Zinc-plated strap hinges can withstand moisture without degrading.

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