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How to install a weld-on hinge?

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Have you ever wanted to know how to install a weld-on hinge, like the ones we sell in our website?

First, you may wonder what a weld-on hinge is. It is a type of hinge to be welded directly onto a metal surface. It typically consists of two metal plates, pin and sleeve. Weld-on hinges are for industrial and construction applications where requires a strong, permanent hinge connection. Doors, gates, fences and other heavy-duty equipment can all use weld-on hinges.

Installing a weld-on hinge requires some welding skills and specialized tools. Here are the general steps for installing a weld-on hinge:

1. Position the hinge:

- Decide where you want to install the hinge

- Mark the location on the metal surface.

2. Prepare the metal surface:

- Use a wire brush or sandpaper to clean the area around the marked spot to remove any rust

- Paint or debris that may interfere with the welding process.

3. Weld the hinge

- Use a welder and appropriate safety gear, weld the hinge onto the marked spot.

- Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the appropriate welding techniques and settings.

4. Test the hinge:

- Once you have completed the welding process, test the hinge to ensure it functions properly before using it to support any weight.                              

It is important to note that welding should be done by a trained professional. Improper welding can lead to weak connections or even structural failure.


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