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    How to install chain keeper

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 13-07-2023      Origin: Site


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    How to install chain keeper

    Our chain keeper is a metal component that we weld onto a gate post or fence to keep a chain from slipping off the gate. It is particularly useful for keeping a gate closed and secure and preventing it from swinging open uncontrollably. We design chain keeper to work with various types of chains, and its simple design makes it easy to install.


    After knowing the definition and usage of chain keeper, you may want to know how to install it. In order to use a chain keeper, follow these simple steps:


    1. First, you need to select the appropriate size of chain keeper that will fit the chain being used. The chain keeper should match the size of the chain to ensure a tight fit.

    2.Position the chain keeper on the gate post or fence where it should be installed. Place it in the location where the chain will run across the gate and make sure it is level and aligned with the chain.

    3. Once you have the chain keeper in the correct position, use a welder to attach it to the post or fence. Make sure that it is securely welded in place.

    4. After the weld has cooled, test the chain keeper to make sure it is working correctly. Run the chain across the gate and into the chain keeper to see if it will stay in place. If it is working correctly, the chain keeper will prevent the chain from slipping off the gate and keep it securely in place.


    What an easy to use and affordable solution on a chain keeper! It's an essential component for anyone looking to add an extra layer of security to a fence or gate. Any needs please contact us.

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