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How to use trailer latch properly?

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Steel cam-action trailer latch with 1" wide hasp is ideal for small enclosed cargo trailers. It can be mounted on 3/4-inch offset door. Read on to find out more.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the features of the trailer latch?

What is trailer latch?

How does a trailer latch work?


1. What are the features of the trailer latch?

This trailer latch is suitable for side doors or back doors of small utility trailers, lorries and trucks.

Bridge buckles help prevent accidental opening and ensure that secure locking actions

Can lock padlocks (sold separately).

Safe self-locking helps prevent in-transit vibration flip handling of the trailer latch

Lifting handle release of the rotary handle release or making the cams

Galvanized steel structure provides durability and corrosion resistance

Black vinyl control treatment makes the trailer latch comfortable to use

This master lock protects and prevents drag - away theft. The lock works when the trailer is connected to the trailer or when the trailer is not connected. The lock prevents the coupling pin from moving and therefore prevents the coupling from being removed from the ball, or does not allow the ball to be placed in the coupling.

Suitable for UFP and buffer brake coupler.

Pin length or size fit is 3-1/2" wide, 9/32" diameter pin is standard size for almost all connectors.

Chrome plated to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It has a sophisticated 4-needle Tumbler mechanism that resists picking

Weatherproof seals and watertight LIDS protect the lock from wind and rain


2. What is trailer latch?

This is a high quality 2-piece replacement pin horse trailer room, a horse trailer on the entrance door, travel trailer latch. These products are an excellent replacement trailer latch and alternative to brand-name manufacturers that pay high prices and shipping costs. In addition, these new key codes are less common. All of these trailer latches have a latch, so you may need to make a small hole in the wall of the latch (easy for DIY).


3. How does a trailer latch work?

Each trailer latch will include a locking external oar latch with a dead bolt, clamped inside an internal oar handle to release. Also included are 2 keys, a switch board, a door cover board and amperes; Install the screws. No description included (rating for a very easy replacement). You may not need to replace the switch panel or door flap at all. Simply remove the 4 mounting screws from within the existing latch and clamp the 2 new major components together. Connect with 4 new mounting screws. Arrange switch boards and amplifiers; Tighten the screws and screws of the door side panel; This trailer latch will replace 99% of all trailer latches. The key barrel is positioned diagonally. The bolts are placed vertically (one directly on top of the other) and you should buy them from the manufacturer.


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