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Knowledge About Wire Rope Clips (2)

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Double Saddle Wire Rope Clips

Double saddle wire rope clips are made up of two saddles, each equipped with a leg, and two nuts—one used on the top and one on the bottom. Double saddle wire rope clips can be used in either direction, so they take the guesswork out during installation when applying to the live end and the dead end of a piece of wire rope.

Common Mistakes When Installing Wire Rope Clips

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see a wire rope clip applied incorrectly. Some of the most common mistakes include:

                                                        · Not torquing to the manufacturer’s expectations

                                                        · Not using the recommended number of clips

                                                        · Incorrect spacing between clips

                                                        · Saddle is on the incorrect end of the rope

                                                        · Incorrect amount of turnback when forming an eye

                                                        · Using the wrong type of clip for the application

                                                        · Not matching the clip size to the wire rope size

                                                        · Failing to cycle the rope and regularly tighten the clips

wire rope clips

Not Torquing to the Manufacturer’s Expectations

Wire rope clips require the use of a torque wrench in order to function properly. Torquing the nuts on the clips too much or too little can cause the clip to fail. If the clip is over-torqued, it could damage the threads of the wire rope. If the clip is under-torqued, the holding power of the clip is diminished and the wire rope could slip through.

Not Using the Recommended Number of Clips

There are a minimum number of clips required for use related to the wire rope diameter. Using less clips than the specified quantity could lead to dramatically decreased efficiency and highly possible failure.

Incorrect Spacing Between Clips

Depending on the number and size of the wire rope clips, there is a proportional amount of space required between the placement on each clip on the rope.

Saddle is on the Incorrect End of the Rope

There are two sides of a U-Bolt style wire rope clip: the saddle and the U-Bolt. When securing a wire rope eye, it is important to place the clip on the correct end of the rope.

The saddle of the clip rests on the live end of the rope, while the U-bolt is to rest on the dead end of the rope.

A saying commonly used in rigging to help remember this is: “Never saddle a dead horse!” In other words, never put the saddle on the dead end of the rope.

Using the Wrong Type of Clip for the Application

You are highly suggested that choose the correct wire rope clip—forged or malleable wire rope clips—for different application. Malleable clips can only be suit for non-critical uses, such as tension rope to form a perimeter around a parking lot.

If the use is critical - if it fails, you could suffer injury or loss of life or property - a counterfeit clip must be used.

Not Matching the Clip Size to the Wire Rope Size

The clip size used—whether it be 1/8”, 3”, or otherwise—must match the diameter size of the wire rope perfectly. If it fails, the wire rope could easily slip out of the clip and may cause many problems.

Failing to Cycle the Rope and Regularly Retighten the Clips

After installing clips, regularly cycling the rope and retightening the clips are a necessary part. It is also important to monitor the torque on the nuts, as they will loosen over time or repeated use.

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