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    Learn about the door hinge types

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 26-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    In this article, we’ll go over the different door hinge types so you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for when replacing them. After you finish reading, you'll gain a new appreciation for the often overlooked and forgotten door hinge. let's start.

    Parts of a Door Hinge

    Before we can get into the types of door hinges, you have to know the different parts. Some certain terminology abound in the article and if you don’t know what it means, it baffles you. We’ll even go over a few parts we don’t mention, but are good to know.

    Leaf: also called as the wing, it’s the flat part of the hinge that’s screwed into the door and frame

    Knuckle: it’s the middle part, usually cylindrical, where the leaves meet. This is the part that makes the door to move

    Pin: a long piece that slides into the knuckle which keeps the two leaves together. When the pin is pulled out, you can remove the door slab from the frame

    Sleeves: the round pieces that make up the knuckle which hold the pin in place


    Exterior Door Hinges

    There are many types of exterior door hinges. You want these hinges to be durable and strong, so you don't have to worry about them getting worn out from overuse or bad weather conditions

    Additionally, your exterior door hinges play an important role in protecting your home from intruders. Just like you want a sturdy entry door, you also want sturdy hinges. Weak hinges fail when exposed to extreme pressure.

    Below are the different types of exterior door hinges that are available. We’ll help you determine which is best for your home.

    Butt Hinge

    One of the most common door hinges is the butt hinge. The butt hinge consists of two identical blades - one attached to the moving part and the other attached to the stationary part. They are connected by a curled barrel, also called a knuckle, that opens the door.

    One of the main reasons they are common in entry doors is that they are designed to support a lot of weight. Many steel, wood, and fiberglass doors can be heavy and can damage weaker hinges. However, the butt hinge does not bend under the weight.

    There are several different types of butt hinges available, including:

    Lift Joint Butt Hinges: Easy to separate door panel from frame - just remove the center pin.

    Rising butt hinge: designed for rooms with uneven floors

    Ball butt hinge: for heavier doors

    Flat hinge

    Another common hinge style is the flush hinge. They are designed to take up as little space as possible. They do this by snuggling one leaf into another when your door is closed.While they can’t hold as much weight as the butt hinge due to their design, they’re still durable.

    Ball bearing hinge

    While door hinges wear out over time, some hinges will naturally last longer than others. One of the most durable door hinge styles is the ball bearing hinge. They are designed for heavier and wider doors.

    Ball bearings are placed between the two joints to reduce friction on worn hinges. Entry doors get the most traffic, so it only makes sense that the hinges face the most friction.

    Another benefit of ball bearing hinges is that they are permanently lubricated. This allows the door to open and close more easily and smoothly - and also helps reduce the amount of friction.

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