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    Product introduction about rigging and cargo.

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 28-02-2021      Origin: Site


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    When you need to relocate, disassemble or replace industrial equipment safely, you need a dedicated rigging and cargo service. RF is your source for safe transportation, experienced installation and overall efficient operations aimed at reducing downtime. Learn more about equipment assembly and how to benefit from working with industry-leading assembly teams.


    Here is the content list:

    • What is the basis for setting up rigging and cargo?

    • What is the comprehensive safety standard for rigging and cargo?

    • What is the service system of rigging and cargo?


    1. What is the basis for setting up rigging and cargo?

    Generally, equipment assembly involves preparing heavy equipment for transportation or installation. The basic rigging and cargo service includes the belts, cables and heavy equipment needed to prepare the transport machinery. Although it is not a technical means of transportation, the rigging and cargo usually work closely with the transportation team to ensure that your equipment is safe and ready for transportation.


    Heavy machinery is not easy to slip out of the factory and load it onto a truck, so you need suitable cranes and engineering equipment to ensure that the equipment, workshop or transportation vehicles will not be damaged.At RF, this is just the beginning of the work done by our assembly team. Not only are we qualified to prepare equipment for transportation.


    2. What is the comprehensive safety standard for rigging and cargo?

    The safety of rigging and cargo is divided into two categories: employee safety and equipment safety. Work with a team that not only needs to make sure that no one gets harmed on the job site, but also that your special rigging is not harmed during the move. Whether you are moving stamping machines around the workshop or relocating an entire manufacturing plant nationwide, you can achieve a safe environment in all our work sites through the following functions:


    • Detailed safety standards

    • Comprehensive staff training

    • Safety manager

    • Technical expertise


    In addition to creating a safe work site, our rigging service also provides the necessary cutting-edge rigging and technical experience for a complete relocation and installation project. If your equipment requires additional manufacturing, electrical, mechanical or basic work to be successfully installed in your new location, our team will provide you with all the services.


    From foundation to finishing materials, we have experienced contractors and technicians ready to repair damaged rigging, relocate important presses or replace outdated assembly lines. As a single-source contractor, we provide nationwide services that meet your quality standards. Starting from the strategic approach and project analysis, we will run through the entire process and ensure that you are completely satisfied before the work is completed.


    3.What is the service system of rigging and cargo?

    We provide turnbuckle services in various industries. Learn how you use our service today. Here are some common rigging services we provide to satisfied customers:

    • Robot cell

    • Welding unit

    • Press relocation

    • Equipment modification

    • HVAC system installation

    • Overhead crane installation

    • Processing equipment rigging


    From aviation manufacturing to environmental and energy facilities, we work in any related industry that requires rigging assembly. Our commitment to overall service allows us to provide you with accelerated plans. If you need to move your device at any time on the weekend, in the evening or any day of the day, our team can arrange the itinerary for you.


    Rf provides a complete rigging hardware product portfolio, including anchor chains, industrial chains, industrial hooks,turnbuckle, wire rope clamps and other products. We provide various sizes of turnbuckle, including eyes and eyes, hooks and eyes, hooks and hooks, jaws and eyes, jaws and jaws. These functions are ideal for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods and other tensioning systems. They can be adjusted by rotating the frame, which allows the two holes to be screwed in or out at the same time without twisting the holes or the connected cables. turnbuckles are most commonly used in applications that require a lot of tension.


    In addition, the chain has always been our best-selling product. This is a high-strength steel chain, which is ideal for securing cargo, recycling vehicles and clearing tree stumps. The zinc coating of high-quality chain provides long-lasting weather resistance. Our rigging hardware has various light dog chains available: g30, g40, g70, g80 and g100. Rf specializes in providing customized solutions for the most challenging projects. Whether you are in the transportation or construction industry, RF has the knowledge and industry-specific experience you need to help you succeed. For more detailed information about assembly hardware, just contact us!

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