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    Purpose and Uses of Bullet Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 15-09-2023      Origin: Site


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    When it comes to bullet hinge, we could imagine what it looks like in real life. Actually, bullet hinges are also known as weld on hinges, lift off hinges and barrel hinges. They provide customers highly-effective method to attach metal doors with metal frames. They could be quite handy, especially for gates of barns, tool cabinets, and residential applications as well.

    So what are they made of? In most cases, aluminum, stainless steel, and pure steel. The former two materials are common. If you want it to be strong and durable, yet light in weight, just choose aluminum. Stainless steel bullet hinge offers extra durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. As for teel types, they could be quite strong and durable, offering excellent corrosion resistance. If welding space is quite limited on frames do doors, using broad leaf hinges would barely work out. In the meantime, a cleaner appearance may explain why so many people prefer bullet hinges.

    A bullet hinge consists of three parts, the leaf side, the pin side, and a brush between them. Steel hinges usually come along with brass brushing. Aluminum and stainless steel types are often provides with grease fittings, which, in most cases, are optional.  

    Most commonly, the doors that utilize weld on hinges are lift-off types, the leaf side must be placed on top. That’s because these doors usually drop, meaning that bottom barrel should bear much load. Another advantage is that users can lift their doors off the hinges whenever they want, offering a quite flexible option.

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