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    Service Truck Body Parts & Supplies

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 22-02-2021      Origin: Site


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    Whether you are a truck body manufacturer or a user seeking an upgrade or replacement, RF Industrial Products has the parts you need. We have a broad selection of truck and trailer hardware including latches,multi-point systems, hinges, door holders, tie-downs, and more. We know that you need high-quality parts you can rely on, so, we make industry-leading components in a selection of finishes and styles to meet your needs.  

    Truck Door Holders

    Door holders perform a simple but valuable role. They hold your doors open securely, preventing it from swinging shut or being blown by the wind. When you are using a work truck, being able to easily access the interior spaces without having to worry about the doors and the effects of inclement weather can be immensely valuable.

    RF has truck door holders in stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, aluminum, and more. Our high-quality parts are extremely reliable and built to last. If you can’t find the right part for your needs, contact us. We create custom pieces for many of our customers.

    Custom Truck Latches

    Our parts catalog also includes truck latches in bolt, draw, compression, T-handle, rotaries and many other designs. Like our door holders, they are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your needs. You will find a lot of options in our stock selection; however, we can also create custom latches. If you are manufacturing trailers, truck bodies, specialty vehicles, or utility trucks, we can create a part that is perfect for your application and budget.

    High-Quality Utility & Service Truck Parts for Every Application

    Your trucks need to be ready to stand up to the rigors and challenges of heavy use. At RF, we have worked with an extensive array of clients to design top-quality, custom parts at the right prices. Whether you need truck door handles, trailer hinges, hasps, and staples, pulls, or anything else, we likely have the right part for you. If we don’t, we will help design and produce it for you.

    Order Your Parts from RF Today

    If you need high-quality service truck parts, RF Industrial Hardware has what you need. Explore the thousands of stock items in our catalog or order a custom part. We have the truck door holders, handles, latches, hinges, and other truck supplies that you need. Place your order today.

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