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Spring Latch

RF spring latches are great for shed doors, trailer ramps, gates, fence and more. Pins allow the spring latches  to be locked in open position and handle cover for easy pulling and turning. They are usually used in metal or wood applications, which are strong and durable, making them ideal for outdoor use with outside doors and gates – making sure they remain secure. Available in stainless steel, aluminum and zinc plating, these spring latches loaded bolts feature a notch pattern that allows them to stay open when required. They are often referred to as horse trailer bolts, gate bolts, or trailer bolts. Their advantages as follow,

● Highly versatile, these spring loaded bolts can be incorporated within locks;

● Due to to the spring loaded nature of the bolt, they can be speedily locked into place enabling the safe removal and insertion of livestock into or out of a trailer;

● Available in a range of sizes and different material to suit your needs.

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Spring Latch

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