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Top Slag and Chipping Hammers for Welding 

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      As you probably know, every welder needs a slag or chipping hammer to remove slag off the weld seam. One of my friend showed me his brand-new slag hammer, and I was impressed with how good it works when it is compared to my old chipping hammer.

      So I started a detailed recherch on slag hammers and created this list to brief you guys the best slag hammers while cost you the least money

Estwing BIG BLUE welding/chipping hammer

      The first item I want to show you is the Estwing Big Blue. The Big Blue is a rugged welding hammer made in the USA: Manufactured by Estwing in Rockford, IL only the finest American steel is used for this first-class chipping hammer.

      Since the Big Blue is forged in one piece, it is built to last. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the shock vibration grip can absorb shock vibrations by up to 70%.

Weight: 14 oz

Scrape-N-Burr SNB-30

      The Scrape-N-Burr SNB-30 is also a tool you should take a closer look at. With replaceable hardened steel blades, this tool is easy to use and removes any dross. Due to a vinyl hand grip, this tool provides you with a secure and comfortable grip.

As the main material of blades is high-carbon steel, it is not recommended to use those with stainless steel because they could contaminate it.

Weight: 1 lb 2 oz


RF Forge welding chipping hammer

      The RF Forge welding hammer is made of hardened steel for long tool life. Furthermore, the spring-styled handle is designed to reduce hammer shocks.

To sum it up, it is excellent to chip slag after welding.

A handy extra benefit I noticed is the two-sided head that has a chisel on one side and a point-shaped tip on the other side for smaller spots.

Weight: 14.7 oz

Slag Hammer alternative: Powermate Vx Air Needle Scaler

      For all you guys who need more power: The Powermate Air Needle Scaler is a pneumatic alternative for conventional slag and chipping hammers. 19 steel needles assist you to clean metallic surfaces even quicker.

it is a blast to remove dust, paint, and dirt


      The scaler is also excellent for weld seam preparation. Say goodbye to messy abrasive blasting. With this tool, it is a blast to remove dust, paint, and dirt. This handheld tool is operating at a pressure of 90 PSI.

RF welding slag hammer with wire brush

      I know RF mostly as a manufacturer of Hinges. But this RF slag hammer is also a real multi-tool. A straight head, spring handle, and a replaceable wire brush make this a versatile tool. Use the hammer to chip the slag and brush it clean with the attached brush.

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