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Trailer parts

RF Industrial Hardware offers great value for trailer parts, including cargo straps, lashing rings, strap hinges, trailer rope hooks, slam action trailer latches, trailer handles, toggle clamps, trailer bar latch kit and more with friendly customer service. The Lashing ring is our most popular trailer parts and it is used in conjunction with load restraints to help tie down cargo during transportation on commercial vehicles. Lashing rings on your trailer should be in good working order and replaced if worn to ensure safe transport of loads. At RF, we bring you a range of lashing rings for your trailer or truck. Choose from a selection of high quality lashing rings, links and extensions designed specifically for heavy goods vehicles. 

Many of our lashing rings come with five star customer ratings, so you can guarantee on high quality and reliability when you purchase from us. Alongside our lashing rings, you will also find a range of load restraints and ratchet straps in light, medium and heavy duty. Anyway we would like to represent innovative, high-quality trailer parts that helps simplify life, more information click here.

Trailer parts

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