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    Types of Latches

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 13-12-2022      Origin: Site


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      A simple latch comprises a base, a bolt, and a box or hole. The base which contains the bolt is typically installed on the door. Latches are mechanical devices used to hold doors or similar surfaces closed. There are several types with various methods of actuation as well as holding styles.  

    •  Bolt Latches(sliding latch)

      Bolt latches is a simple latching mechanisms that consist of a bolt, a handle, a plate, a set of barrels, and a box called a striker. The barrels hold the bolt in place and provide locking for the latch. They are formed into a non-continuous loop which allows the handle to pass through. A bolt latch can be locked or unlocked by sliding the bolt into the socket.

    The most common type of latch bolt is a barrel bolt. They are used for closing gates, doors, and windows.

    • Spring Latches

      Spring latches are among the most common type of latch and are made up of a bracket on one surface with a notched plate on the adjacent surface which is then joined to the bracket by a pin. Spring latches are made of steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.

    • Cam Latches

      Cam latches are commonly used in furniture such as drawers and cabinets. The mechanism is actuated by aquarter-turn motion, which rotates the cam behind the door frame, and secures the door.

    • Slam Latches

      Slam latches are also known as push-to-close latches. They are used for doors that require automatic latching when closed. When the door is pushed, the pin glides over the notch, and the spring pushes it out under an angle that prevents it from retracting, thus securing the door. A slam latch is more robust in construction when compared to an ordinary spring latch.

    Our slam action gate latches are spring-loaded and made from high quality steel. The latch is a normally closed position/slam to shut, Includes grease zerk.

    • Toggle Latches(Draw Latches)

      A draw latch, also known as a toggle latch, rely on tension to securely join two surfaces in the same plane. They are suitable in applications that require strong closing forces to maintain seals against leaks and ingress of dust and water. Examples of applications that use draw latches are truck body, electronic enclosures and equipment control panels.

      A latch is a mechanical part that allows the temporary connection of parts that move relative to each other. They are triggered to separate two components by releasing the coupling that keeps them together.

      It's imperative to find a reliable and trusted supplier. If you're interested in learning more about latches, or you're in the market for some, visit us at RF International.

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