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What Are Toggle Latches

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               What are Toggle Latches?

Toggle latches are a handy method of securely closing and fastening lids, doors and panels quickly and easily, while allowing for convenient access whenever you need to reopen them. Other common names for the toggle catch include over-centre fasteners, spring claw latches, and draw latches.

As well as being reliable, robust and highly stable fasteners when in a closed or locked position, the toggle catch is also very user-friendly. This is because it offers fuss-free, quick-release opening within a second or two - usually requiring only a single hand to flip back the latch.

Toggle latches can come with or without catch plates, strikes or split pins as optional features for helping to secure the closed latch. They are available in a diverse selection of models and configurations, including:

Solid latches

Safety release latches

Adjustable latches

Spring and return spring latches

Locking latches

Thanks to their unique combination of long-term dependability and ease of access, toggle latches are often seen on transport cases, toolboxes and other similarly high-load containers, as well as on various types of machinery and equipment safety panels or cabinet enclosures.

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