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What Is A Barrel Hinge with Weld Plates ?

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Barrel hinges, also known as heavy-duty hinges, are generally cylindrical and consist of two splicing parts. As shown in the picture, one end of the barrel hinge is connected with a grease zerk and there are heavy duty welded plates at the bottom. This article will focus on the advantages and applications of this kind of barrel hinge.


The material of this barrel hinge is carbon steel. The surface treatment is black powder coated, plays a role in rust prevention, can prolong the service life of the hinge. The grease zerk can also play a role in prolong service life, and it also has the effect of fully lubrication. What’s more, the welding plates design at the bottom of the hinge is very clever, with it, people can more convenient welding work, greatly improve the work efficiency. The thickness of the welded plate can be choose. In addition, the barrel hinge has a ball bearing that supports the rotating body and reduces friction resistance.

Applications :

Barrel hinges with weld plates have a various applications, such as:

1. Heavy door and gates: Barrel hinges with weld plates are great for heavy-duty doors such as entry doors, barn doors, and shed doors.

2. Swing gates: Their advantage of easy welding is the ideal choice for swing gates.

3. Fence gates: This kind of barrel hinges are also an option for fence doors on farms.

    All in all, barrel hinge with weld plates is suitable for any gate applications, it must be your best choice.


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