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    What Is Bullet Hinge

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 25-11-2020      Origin: Site


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    What Is Bullet Hinges


    What Are Bullet Hinges?

    Also referred to as weld on hinges, lift off hinges, and barrel hinges, bullet hinges provide users an attractive yet compact and strong method to attach metal doors with metal frames. These hinges come in quite handy for enclosures, gates, tool cabinets, agricultural purposes, electrical purposes, and are perfect for several other industrial as well as residential applications.


    Bullet hinges are often available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum with brass, steel, stainless steel pins, with grease fittings as well as without grease fittings. Furthermore, they are available in various sizes to make sure that the user can fit them according to their requirements and convenience.


    What Are Bullet Hinges Ideal for?

    Barrel or bullet hinges are an excellent solution for people who have to deal with limited welding space on their frames or doors. In cases like these, using broad leaf hinges seldom works out. On the other hand, bullet hinges also offer a cleaner appearance no matter where you plan to apply them. The cleaner appearance is a major reason why so many people prefer bullet hinges over other hinge types.


    What Does a Bullet Hinge Consist of?

    Bullet hinges or weld on hinges consist three main parts. These parts are: the leaf side (also known as female), the pin side (also known as male), and a brush that stands between two halves. Bullet hinges that are made out of steel come along with brass brushing. Aluminum bullet hinges, and stainless steel bullet hinges on the other hand are mostly provided with grease fittings. In most cases, the grease fittings are optional.


    The bullet hinge we produce consists of different sizes that range from 1-5/8" to 10" for plain steel,aluminum and stainless steel. These sizes perfectly correspond with hinge lengths and will not cause any issue when you weld them. You can use barrel or bullet hinges for non-removable as well as lift off applications for doors.

    In lift off applications, both the hinges are aligned with pins that point at the same direction. In non-removable applications on the other hand the hinges fall in line with the pins which point towards each other. So, whether you need two pieces or thousands of them, the vast inventory that we have will be more than sufficient for your bullet hinge needs.

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