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What Is Ratchet Binder?

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Ratchet binder, also know as heavy duty ratchet load binder, It is made of alloy steel, the surface is zinc plated and sprayed with red paint. Its industrial use is to connect chains to fix loads to flatbed trucks, rail cars or trailers. In addition, it has two main advantages. This article will focus on the advantages of this kind of ratchet binder.

1. High quality.

Rugged design has a forged steel handle and is built to last. The lifting hook has a rated working loading for 19,000 lbs, ensuring the efficiency and quality of use. What’s more, it will not deteriorate under UV exposure.

2. Easy to use.

The load binder handle is designed using a self-locking, open pawl allowing for easy removal of unwanted debris, such as mud, snow or ice. And uses a ratcheting motion to quickly and safely tighten transport chain. Secure loads faster!

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