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What Is Welding Electrode Holder?

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Welding rod holder is a welding tool.

It is used to clamp the welding electrode and conduct current during the welding process. They are characterized by good electrical conductivity and light weight. It is the main tool for arc welding.

Its performance is directly related to the safety of the welder. So it must meet the following safety requirements:

1. The welding electrode holder should be able to be clamped from any angle. In order to guarantee the safety of workers.

2. The handle needs to have good insulation performance.

3. The connection between the welding rod clamp and the cable should have good contact.

4. It is important that the welding electrode holder is light and easy to handle. The maximum weight should not exceed 0.6kg.

5. It is forbidden to place overheated welding rods in the rod holder.

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