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What is Load Binder?

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Load binder is to prevent the load from shifting during transport. It secures cargo load on a truck, trailer or flatbed by tensioning the chain. We have ratchet load binder and lever load binder.

Ratchet Load Binder

The ratchet load binder features a ratcheting mechanism. And it creates tension in the chain to keeps secure during transportation. And their design allows for quick and convenient adjustment of tension.

Lever Load Binder

Lever load binders are different from ratchet load binders. It has a lever mechanism. And it raises and lowers a grab hook to tension the chain. This mechanism is operated manually. And the tension is adjustable, providing reasonable control over chain slackness. We often use them for load static.

Applications of Load Binders

Truckers, haulers and others involved in trucking often use load binders. The primary objective is to secure the cargo. And prevent it from slipping, sliding, or falling during transportation. We typically use them to transport heavy loads, like construction materials, farming equipment, or vehicles. However, we can also apply them to marine or industrial environments.

To summarize, load binders are an essential tool for the safe transportation of heavy loads. They are versatile and effective in securing loads. And each is suitable for a specific application. A well-designed loader can ensure that cargo reaches its destination safely. At the same time, minimize potential hazards. Our load binder will fit 5/16" - 3/8" chain. And it has a breaking strength of 19,000 lbs.

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