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    What is Marine Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 29-01-2021      Origin: Site


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    Typical Hinges Are No Match for a Marine Environment

    Marine environments are harsh on hardware, and hinges are no different. Ocean waves provide a constant pounding to vessels and their components, while sea water corrodes and eats away materials. Together, these factors can shorten its normal expected lifespan and under these harsh conditions only certain materials like stainless steel can be used.

    Options in Marine Hinges

    Hinges made by RF Industrial Products are made to withstand everything the sand and surf dishes out and continue working as well as the day they were installed. They are an excellent choice for use in engine compartments, cabins, storage chests, fish lockers and more. Although RF can manufacture custom hinges to fit any project, we have a catalogue of parts most commonly used, including:

    •  Continuous hinges
    •  Strap hinges
    •  Butt hinges
    •  Take-apart  lift off hinges & accessories
    •  Hasps & Staples

    Each one of our marine access hardware products is made from 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless is a great option as it still has great corrosion resistance as well as still being more affordable than higher grade options. 316 stainless is also available on custom components where an even higher corrosion tolerance is needed like applications which will face prolonged submersion or where a higher strength is required.

    Wide Range of Hinges

    We make marine hinges and accessories in many different sizes to fit common screw sizes and insets. Should you need a custom hinge, trust us to design or manufacture one to fit your needs, whether that includes making modifications to one of our designs or helping you create an entirely new one. Our skilled design and production teams include highly qualified engineers who are fully capable of assisting or leading these efforts to quickly and accurately meet your timeline.

    ISO 9001-Certified

    RF is proud to be ISO 9001-certified, a registration that denotes our top-quality hardware products. We apply Oracle’s Quality Module in managing a fully automated shop floor and warehouse that allows us to excel in order tracking and fulfillment. Our extensive inventory includes access hardware in a wide range of materials, finishes, and form factors. From lid stays and eye bolts to folding steps, footman loops and more.

    Contact Our Office Today

    Contact one of our many offices for more information about our industrial hardware, whether it’s for a custom marine hinge or other form of access hardware, we can help with all your industrial hardware needs. Being a  industrial hardware supply company, we have a strong commitment to customer service and dedication to keeping agile to fit your requirements and hope to work with you soon.

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