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What is Metal Stamping?

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Metal stamping is a cold working process that transforms a sheet of metal into a specific, predetermined shape. It uses specialized tools, which involve a punch stroke, to bring about a conformational change in the sheet metal. A metal die can either cut or form a sheet of metal by applying enough force to the workpiece through a punch.


The metal punch is a versatile machine capable of performing a wide range of cutting and forming operations. It can combine multiple cutting and forming steps in a single die and can process the workpiece in a single stroke. Various parts can be processed at the same time in the same stroke. Metal stampings are easy to automate and control, which benefits metal manufacturers to increase their production rates, reduce labor costs, and increasing parts quality, repeatability, and precision. Combined with accurate tools, they can quickly and efficiently produce complex design parts.

Metal stamping can make a variety of useful products, from simple washers, springs, hinges, and brackets, to components with complex designs such as structural parts, engines, industrial machinery, and automotive parts. Stamped metal products benefit many industries and end customers.

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