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    What is a Butt Hinge - The "Classic" Door Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 07-12-2020      Origin: Site


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    Noun: a type of hinge that is attached to the abutting surface of a door or lid.

    Butt hinges are one of the most popular hinges used today. When you look at most commercial doors, you will probably see a butt hinge supporting the door. These hinges are usually about 6 inches in length or shorter. They are installed for a variety of different applications and have many uses. A butt hinge is composed of two hinge leaves. One is usually attached to a fixed component such as a wall or door jamb and the other is attached to a moving component such as a door. These hinges are usually mortised or recessed into both surfaces.  The pin secures the leaves together and allows for movement. Most butt hinge pins are removable to allow for door removal, but some are non removable for security purposes. Check out our selection of removable pin butt hinges. A more secure solution than the removable butt hinges are butt hinges with staked pins. Staked pins hold tight, but with some effort the pin can be driven out and removed. We have a huge selection of butt hinges with staked pins. A great solution for secure hinges is choosing a butt hinge with pins spun on both ends. This pin will not go anywhere unless you grind off one of the spun ends. Browse our selection of nonremovable butt hinges. Some butt hinges can even contain springs to allow for a supported opening or closure. Review our selection of spring butt hinges. 

    Need a customization? We can provide a variety of customization options ranging from plating, holes, cut to lengths, bends, offsets and more! Butt hinges can be drilled and supplied with whatever hole pattern you choose. For more information regarding custom butt hinges, visit our page and contact us by sales@rfinternationalco.com.

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