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    What is rigging equipment?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 22-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    The function of rigging is to ensure the safety and reliability of the mechanical device for lifting heavy objects. Rigging is a technical trade that requires caution, precision and patience. Coupled with knowledge and experience, rigging relies on high-quality rigging equipment to successfully use cranes, hoists or other lifting devices to create mechanical equipment to lift heavy objects. It is important to invest in high-quality lifting equipment so that the work can be completed perfectly, safely, timely and without complications.


    Here is the content list:

    What is the purpose of the rigging?

    Why does rigging need rigging equipment?

    How to choose rigging and cargo?


    What is the purpose of the rigging?

    Rigging plays a very important role in construction and industrial sites. The role of the rigging is to estimate the size and weight of the object to be moved, and to select the correct equipment to ensure that the task can be completed safely and effectively. Rigging is required to install and operate cables, ropes, pulleys, winches and other lifting equipment to fix the load, allow it to be lifted by a crane or crane and move to another location without separating, dismantling or causing damage to the lifting equipment. As part of its role, the rigging also needs to inspect, maintain and repair the rigging equipment to ensure its perfect operation in use.


    Rf provides a complete rigging hardware product portfolio, including anchor chains, industrial chains, industrial hooks, turnbuckles, wire rope clamps and other products. We provide various sizes of turnbuckle screws, including eyes and eyes, hooks and eyes, hooks and hooks, jaws and eyes, jaws and jaws. These functions are ideal for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods and other tensioning systems. They can be adjusted by rotating the frame, which allows the two holes to be screwed in or out at the same time without twisting the holes or the connected cables.


    Why does rigging need rigging equipment?

    Rigging requires rigging equipment to successfully lift and roll cargo from one destination to another. In construction and industrial sites, large and complex loads are usually moved from different locations, different heights, and narrow and narrow spaces. Special types of components are required, and these components should be manufactured and manufactured to avoid distortion, distortion or collapse when they are tightened by lifting heavy objects. The components we stock are specially designed and appropriately rated for specific rigging applications to ensure that the components operate safely in the harsh environment they are used in.


    How to choose rigging and cargo?

    Choosing the right rigging is crucial. Otherwise, the rigging will not be able to fix and effectively move the load. We provide rigging equipment for various purposes. We stock chains, wire ropes, wire rope handles, slings, pulleys and pulleys, lever pulleys, hoists, hooks, shortening, top rings, chain links, turnbuckles, rigging screws, eye bolts, eye nuts, d shackles, Bow shackles, safety shackles, thimble rings and other rigging equipment/components so that you can create equipment that suits your needs and requirements.


    We are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you so that we can guide you in choosing the most suitable components to achieve your results. Turnbuckles are most commonly used in applications that require a lot of tension. In addition, the chain has always been our best-selling product. This is a high-strength steel chain, which is ideal for securing cargo, recycling vehicles and clearing tree stumps. The zinc coating of high-quality chains provides long-lasting weather resistance.


    Rf's rigging hardware has various light dog chains available: g30, g40, g70, g80 and g100. Rf specializes in providing customized solutions for the most challenging projects. Whether you are in the transportation or construction industry, RF has the knowledge and industry-specific experience you need to help you succeed. For more detailed information about assembly hardware, just contact us, we also have Anchor Shackle, Industrial Chain, contact us now!

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