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    What is stamping in manufacturing?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 03-02-2021      Origin: Site


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    There is much more to metal stamping than most people think about. Complex parts usually require a series of several different steps to create. Few parts that seem simple at first glance can be completed correctly with only one stamping step.


    Ignoring the steps such as design and prototyping that must be performed before stamping, the actual stamping of a metal part involves nine main processes as follow:


    1. Blanking stamping process


    The common metal stamping process.


    When necessary, blanking is the first step in the stamping process. Blanking is the process of cutting larger metal plates or coils into smaller, more controllable pieces. Blanking is usually performed when stamping or forming metal parts.


    2. Piercing stamping process


    If the part requires grooves, holes, or other notches, perforations can be used. A perforation that can be carried out at the same time as the blanking, allowing the desired shape to be blown out of the sheet metal.


    3. Drawing stamping process


    Drawing is the actual stamping process of metal stamping. The punch pushes a portion of the metal through the die to provide the main shape of the part. When the depth of the part is less than the main opening, it is considered as a shallow drawing; Parts with a depth greater than the opening will be drawn deeply.


    4. Bending stamping process


    Bending is a self-explanatory process. The part in progress is placed on a specially designed die and crushed against the metal to provide the desired bending. Bend after drawing, because trying to press a metal that has been bent will cause the entire part to deform.


    5. Air bending stamping process


    Air bending refers to bending the plane of a part into a usually V-shaped mold by means of a punch. The space between the punch and the die is greater than the metal thickness, resulting in a bend that is slightly looser when the part is released. Air bending uses less power and pressure than other bending methods.


    6. Bottoming and coining stamping process


    Bottom punching and embossing is a bending process similar to air bending, but anywhere from 2 to 30 times the pressure is used, and the material is completely pressed into a tightly fitted die, resulting in a more durable bending.


    7. Forming stamping process


    Forming is a bending process similar to bending, backing, and finishing. It creates step-by-step parts with multiple bends, such as U-bends.


    8. Pinch trimming stamping process


    Pinching is a method of cutting a piece of metal from a sheet and separating it from scrap metal. It's an unconventional process: the metal is pinched on a flat, vertical surface. It is usually (but not exclusively) used for deeply drawn round cups cut from the board.


    9. Lancing stamping process


    Slitting is a unique process, which is a metal cutting used to make vents or lugs. Part of the part is cut along three edges and bent at the same time. This creates the desired opening or hook-like features but eliminates the scrap collection or secondary processing steps.




    Confusion is often found in determining an appropriate metal stamping process. When choosing the metal stamping process, should consider:


    How will the stamping process affect the function of the design

    Design or industry specific requirements

    Production time and cost effectiveness


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