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    What is the Flat Hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-10-2023      Origin: Site


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    What is the flat hinge? As the name suggests, it is flat in shape. Flat hinge can be found everywhere in our daily life. It is usually made of steel or stainless steel.

    Flat hinge is a mechanical device. It serves to connect two solids so that it can rotate between them.

    There are many types of hinges. Different environments require different types of hinges. For example, in large buildings, the door frame size is relatively large. So we need choose a strong bearing capacity, long service life of the hinge.

    To the flat hinge, it is commonly used in windows, various cabinet door connections. Especially stainless steel flat hinge, by consumers like.

    Stainless steel flat hinge is beautiful and reliable quality. Because the service life is very long, so it has always been popular with consumers.

    Stainless steel flat hinge is composed of two stainless steel blades connected by pins. It is a pivot point that allows the swinging part to move with force. Although the structure is simple, but it is a test of workmanship.

    This is our stainless steel flat hinge. It does not require welding and can be bolted on directly. The size is 4”*2-1/4”. If you need to customize it, we can also provide to you.

    If you need anything, you are welcome to contact me through homepage.

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