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    What is the fence hardware do you need?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 30-10-2020      Origin: Site


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    What is the fence hardware solution do you need?

    Whether you’re looking for fence design how-tos or fence hardware, you can trust RF to provide the necessary materials and the inspiration. RF provides a variety of fence hardware, including panel clamps, fence and cable clips,chain keepers and many other fence hardware. You’ll find everything you need to get started on https://www.rfinternationalco.com/.


    What is the fence hardware solution do you need?


    Panel Clamps

    Panel Clamps are a great solution to attach sections of framed chain link panels together. Panel Clamps are also commonly used to connect kennel panels together in order to create larger kennels. Our Panel Clamps come in multiple sizes and materials. The Panel Clamps are constructed of galvanized steel for added durability and longevity. Our zinc style has a pronounced dip between the two end clamps. Hardware is included.


    Fence and Cable Clips

    We are proud to offer a unique line of fence and cable clips. We specialize in producing custom designed parts for your company. Items can be bare, powder coated, zinc or hot dipped galvanized. They can be used for cable or sucker rod fencing. Heavy-duty clips are perfect for installing continuous fence panels to wood or steel posts.


    Chain Keepers

    Our chain keepers are the perfect size for securing most ranch gates. Our keepers are available in acrylic, bare or zinc coated finishes. Our zinc plated chain keeper that is light weight and easy to install. And our unique three-hole chain keeper is made out of 7ga material. A variety of chains are available for you to purchase with keepers. Please see more our chain selection at our products catalogue.


    Pipe Guide

    Pipe Guide is our one of the best designed, manufactured and top selling products and its advantages are as below:

       ● Spring loaded hinge keeps guide secure on pipe;

       ● Accurate angle slots create precise markings for professional results;

       ● Size and colour can be custom-made to suit your own requirements;

       ● Use over and over again.


    RF is your manufacturer for high quality fence materials and accessories. We produce and provide a wide range of fence hardware, including Panel Clamps, Cable Clips, Handle Springs for Fence Gate, Fence Wire Grippers, Wall fixing for panel, plate fixation, Fence Outdoor Steel Lock Boxes, Fence Rounder Corners, Fence Connectors, Tube Fence Fitting Pipe Connectors, Chain Keepers, Gate Striker Plates, Corral Drop Pins and many other hardware.With our own facility, we are quickly able to implement custom solutions for most any needs with competitive price and best service to each customer. We encourage you to call or email us to get your free quote, today!

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