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What is the metal building hardware do you need?

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What Is The Metal Building Hardware Solution Do You Need


The basic structure of a RF steel building is made up of components. RF has intense quality control measures that provide consistency and durability in all of our steel products. Our top priority is quality products along with customer satisfaction. Explore all of our steel building components, such as anchor bolts and base punch plate, and find out more about our wide range accessories, including door latches and hinges as well as other building hardware for your building.


Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are designed to attach structural elements to concrete, which are different from  those applied to guardrail equippments. In our industry, anchor bolts are typically used to attach steel to concrete. One end is embedded into the concrete, while the opposite end is threaded to attach structural support. Our main type of anchor bolt is J-shaped Anchor Bolts with Washers and Nuts. J-shaped Anchor Bolts are used in a variety of applications including light poles, sign structures, heavy equipment and tooling. At RF, we distribute J-Shaped Anchor Bolts in different sizes and any surface treatment the customer may require. RF is devoted to supplying products to help your business grow!


Anchor Plate

An Anchor Plate is a large plate connected to a tie rod or bolt. Anchor Plates are used on exterior walls of masonry buildings, for structural reinforcement. Being visible, many anchor plates are made in a style that is decorative. One popular style is the Anchor Plates with 4 Studs. Other names and styles of anchor plate include Anchor Plates with 6 Studs and Anchor Plates with J bolts. Anchor Plates are made of steel and often used on brick or other masonry-based buildings. They are commonly found in many older cities towns and villages and in more recent cities with substantial legacies of brick construction all over the world.  


Door hinge

With more than 10 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing Hinges, RF specializes in providing high quality hinges. Our versatile hinges are often used for doors. They can be welded on as a lift-off hinge or permanently mounted. Our Gate Hinges—Primed are in hot sales. Most of them was screwed on the gates. They are designed for maximum durability and have a dependable roller bearing design. They offer even weight distribution, trouble free operation and are fully lubricated. These hinges have the largest weld surface, which make them easy to install and mount. There also come with a grease zerk for easy lubrication. They are available in galvanized, zinc and powder coated. Have a question about our product? Have a specialized need? We would love to hear your ideas!


Door Latch

Door Latch is an essential part in our daily life. It is inexpensive but very practical for homeowners or renters. One of our best selling Door Latches is Assorted Latch. RF provides four types Assorted Latches—Compression Latch, Whale Tail Latch, Slam Action Paddle Handle Latch, and Recessed Folding T-Handle Latch. Their latch styles are different. Compression Latch is square press and pull while Whale Tail Latch is whale tail lift and turn. Slam Action Paddle Handle Latch and Recessed Folding T-Handle Latch are both stainless steel with studs. Each latch comes with a lock and key.These latches can be used in a variety of places: doors, trucks, toolboxes, cabinets, and much more. They provide ample grip for easy access, even when wearing gloves.  


RF is your source for high quality Metal Building Hardware. We specialize in high quality products for agriculture, Auto, lifting, transportation industry, including a variety of Angle Brackets, Chain Keeper and Sleeves. Angle Brackets are widely used in our daily. We have 3 sizes for your option—3”×3”×2”, 4”×3”×4” and 5”×3”×6”. They are all made of 10 ga material. Our Chain Keepers are the perfect size for securing most ranch gates. They are available in acrylic, bare or zinc finishes. A zinc Chain Keeper is light weight and easy to install. In addition, they are also manufactured in different shapes and sizes for you to choose. What’s more, Sleeves are also our top selling products. We have a wide range of pipe hinge sleeves, starting at 1.25”O.D. Our sleeves have a grease zerk located in the middle for easy lubrication. Meanwhile we also provide custom solutions for our customers. Have a question about our product? Have a specialized need? We would love to hear your ideas! 

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