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What is the welding helmets?

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When it comes to the welding tools, undoubtedly, a welding helmet is one of the essential tools that everyone who does welding work must have.

Because safety item must be worn throughout the whole welding process, in order to protect your eyes and face. Therefore, purchasing a welding helmet with high quality shall be one of the most significant steps that you need for becoming a professional welder.

So, what is the Welding Helmet?

Welding helmets are used to protect the face, neck and eyes from dangerous sparks, heat, and infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted when welding. The two main parts of a welding helmet are the protective helmet itself and the filter, through which you can see what you are doing. Choosing a welding helmet should based on the quality of this “window” (also called a lens hood), as to its comfort and versatility overall.

welding Helmet

In the past, may be just wearing a helmet-like shield that only covered the face with a permanently darkened lens shadow is sufficient. However, People will flip this shield up and down when they do the welding work, obviously, it's hard to see what's being done, and it's barely to use in tight spaces, such as lying on your back under a car.

Today, auto-darkening welding helmet which was produced by technology workers can block 100% of IR and UV at all times, It filters out visible light from the welding arc only during the welding process.

some styles of helmet we have

Another level of auto-darkening lenses is the time it takes to darken after the arc begins. It's safe to use a welding helmet that dims in 4/10ths of a millisecond, as your eyes can't perceive changes in light during this time.

Other factor to consider is the pattern of the welding helmet, as some types have interesting shapes, decals and colors. Some even equipped with accessories, such as breathing filters, which can draw in fresh air and reduce fogging. It is worth to mention that Welding helmets also greatly reduce the risk of cancer in welders.

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