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    What trailer parts do you need?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-10-2020      Origin: Site


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    What trailer parts do you need?


    RF Industrial Hardware offers great value for trailer parts, including cargo straps, lashing rings, strap hinges, trailer rope hooks, slam action trailer latches, trailer handles, toggle clamps, trailer bar latch kit and more with friendly customer service.


    What trailer parts do you need?


    Lashing Ring

    Welcome to our Lashing Ring section. It is designed for demanding tie-down applications. The weld-on ring is forged steel for great durability and features a weld-on mounting plate. The "D" ring can fold flush when not in use. These are ideal for cargo applications such as overseas container shipments or long distance hauling in exposed elements. At RF Industrial Hardware, we bring you a range of lashing rings for your trailer or truck, including recessed lashing rings, bolt on D rings, and horseshoe stall tie-downs etc. Choose from a selection of high quality lashing rings to withstand various weights for heavy goods vehicles and always the right one for your vehicle from the list below. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and if you require any help when buying your lashing rings, we’re here to help. Get in touch with a member of the RF team today and secure your next load with the heavy duty Lashing Ring.


    Cargo Strap

    Our ratchet straps are securing systems which allow you to safely secure cargo and loads during transit. Also known as tie down straps, they are often used with trucks and trailers. We offer a vast selection of straps, tie down straps and winch straps with chain at RF Industrial Hardware, which range from heavy duty 10000kg ratchet straps for heavy haulage, right down to 200kg mini ratchets for domestic use on small trailers. We feature a number of ratchet straps on our site, but we can also custom make straps of varying lengths, colors, widths and end fittings to suit your requirements. So if you cannot find the tie down straps you require, please contact us for a bespoke quote. We also have a helpful guide on how to use ratchet straps if you are looking for advice on using our products.


    Trailer Handle

    RF supplies a variety of Trailer Handles. Our Well liked Trailer Handles are Recessed Folding T handles. They are always our one of the best selling products. They are made of stainless steel and available in Bright Chrome Plated finish. These handles are great for mounting to have a flush surface. They can be used for many industrial and agricultural applications including toolboxes and trailers to name a few. Recessed Folding T handles installed on the trailer trucks can lock with keys. And they are weather resistant.  



    Trailer Latch

    You're in the right place for trailer latches. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you're sure to find it on RF Industrial Hardware. We offer a range of trailer latches, such as spring latches, stall and trailer latches, toggle clamps, slam action latches and so on. Most of our trailer latches are made out of bare material, perfect for painting specially for your project. The stall and trailer latches is our top one in trailer parts. This simple latch is built for use on horse stalls, barn doors, and ranch or trailer gates. It is constructed out of high quality steel and available in right-handed & left-handed versions.  


    With more than ten years’ experience in Hardware marketing, RF designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of trailer parts, including Round Steel Pins, Weld on Stake Pockets and Weld On Trailer Rope Hooks and so on. Round Steel Pin, also known as stabilizer pins, are weldable steel pins used in applications of linch, hitchor cotter pins on a trailer. They have very similar functionality to a weld tab. Our Weld On Stake Pockets help support side walls for trailer and trucks. In addition, our Weld On Trailer Rope Hooks are ideal for hanging tack in trailers or bans. Trailer Offset Rope Hooks are unique in that they have a slight curve to the bend perfect for holding straps down. Have questions about our products? Contact us for more details.


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