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What is a spring latch?

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        In this article we will discuss what spring latch are, how they are made.

A spring latch is a mechanical device used to connect two separate parts to prevent movement or opening. The spring latch is locked by spring compression so that it cannot be released by vibration. The arms are made of different materials to accommodate tightening strength and rust resistance. The spring-loaded latch mechanism makes it easy and efficient to do any given job.

The simplest spring latches have an L-shaped bolt, called a plunger, that contains a small hole for inserting a pin or clip. Its rear plate has two perforated lips for carrying the plunger. To keep the plunger in an extended position, a spring is mounted between the pin and the lip.

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Manufacturing Spring Latches

The surface of the spring latch can be galvanized, nickel plated, chrome plated, or rolled stainless steel.

Materials Used in Spring Latches

Materials for spring latches are brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and iron for spring latches. These materials are usually made from the highest quality metals that can withstand the elements in them and are suitable for outdoor use. Durability is very important when considering spring latches. Prices may vary by material.

The Aged Look of Brass - Brass is very convenient and can be used for outdoor latches. This is perfect for a colonial design. It's a heavy metal and can feel heavy in the hand. It can be a stunning design element for doors or machines. The only downside to this spring latch material is that it can tarnish over time.

Bronze is one of the most expensive materials on the list. It feels dense when touched but provides a beautiful finish. This metal ages easily and it does not require powder coating to finish. Bronze eliminates the risk of chipping and essence rework over time.

A modern look in stainless steel - spring latch stainless steel and aluminum are somewhat similar in appearance. While these metals may be similar in appearance, stainless steel is heavier than aluminum. Stainless steel is strong and does not easily bend, dent and warp under pressure or temperature. It's a good material with the long-lasting latch spring force, although it can be a bit pricey. It is rust resistant. There are also powder-coated models. It provides an extra layer of protection for the spring latch if one stays in a corrosive environment such as near a beach.

There are two types of stainless steel that can be used to make spring latches: 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel.

304 Stainless Steel - This is the most common form of stainless steel in the world. This is because of its value and superb corrosion resistance. It consists of 16% and 24% chromium and at least 35% nickel. It also contains small amounts of carbon and manganese. The main forms of 304 stainless steel are 18-8 and 18/8 stainless steel. They contain 185 nickels and 17% chromium. 304 resists corrosion when exposed to most oxidizing acids. This durability makes it easier to sterilize. The only downside to this material is that it has a high chance of corroding when exposed to chloride solutions. Chloride ions can create localized corrosion zones, commonly referred to as "pitting," below the protective chromium barrier to settle inside the structure.

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