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    What is a Toggle Clamp?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 14-10-2022      Origin: Site


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             Sandfield Engineering is a leading Toggle Clamp supplier in the UK, so who better to answer the question, "What is a Toggle Clamp?"

    A Toggle Clamp is a tool used to securely locate components or parts in position, typically but not always as part of a manufacturing process. The primary characteristics of a Toggle Clamp are that they lock in place securely and are quick acting, allowing an operator to quickly turn them on and off. Toggle Clamps are frequently used in production lines where components must be held securely and quickly removed in repetitive manufacturing processes.What are the different types of Toggle Clamp?
           Toggle Clamps are classified into several types, which are distinguished by their action.
    Vertical Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Toggle Clamps, Plunger Toggle Clamps or Push Action Toggle Clamps, Hook Action Toggle Clamps, Plier Action Toggle Clamps, and Cam Action Toggle Clamps are the six main types of Toggle Clamps.
    A Vertical Toggle Clamp, also known as a Vertical Action Toggle Clamp, is the most common type of Toggle Clamp. Vertical Toggle Clamps are distinguished by a swinging bar that clamps vertically on to the components. When the handle is closed, it is in a vertical or upright position.
    A Horizontal Toggle Clamp, also known as a Horizontal Action Toggle Clamp, is the most common variation on the Vertical Toggle Clamp. Horizontal Toggle Clamps apply holding force in the same downward direction, but the handle is horizontal when closed. This enables the use of a Toggle Clamp in situations where more clearance above the clamp is required, or where the operator's hand must be kept away from the clamp during operation; these are the applications where Horizontal Toggle Clamps excel.

    toggle clamp

          The third most common Toggle Clamp is a Plunger Action Toggle Clamp, Push Action Toggle Clamp, or Push Pull Toggle Clamp, which are push or pull action clamps, as the names suggest. The force is applied in a straight-line direction by these Toggle Clamps. The clamp toggles between forward and backward positions, which is especially useful in situations where you may need to use the clamp to pull forward rather than push forward and apply force. When the clamp is mounted vertically with the handle in the back position, it prevents components from falling forward because the handle is behind the component in the lock position.

          A Cam Action Toggle Clamp is another option. One of the difficulties with using Toggle Clamps is that they normally require consistent component thickness. Toggle Clamps dislike variation, and while there are several ways to compensate for it, the most straightforward solution is to use a Cam Action Toggle Clamp. A Cam Action Toggle Clamp operates on a Cam, which allows for component variation ranging from one to three millimetres depending on the model. Cam Action Toggle Clamps operate by moving a handle across a counter and then locking the component into place, as opposed to operating the toggle linkage system found in other types of Toggle Clamps.
    The Plier Action Toggle Clamp is perhaps the least common type of Toggle Clamp. Plier Action Toggle Clamps are a type of hand tool that works by squeezing components together. Plier Action Toggle Clamps are hand-held tools that are commonly used in fabrication processes but can also be found in the automotive industry. Plier Action Toggle Clamps are reasonably adaptable, with the option of making custom jaws to precisely match your components.

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