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    2024 RF Spring Festival Vacation Notification

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 18-01-2024      Origin: Site

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    2024 Chinese Spring Festival RF International Vacation Notification

    A warm thank you to all my colleagues from RF Hardware Sourcing Agency and RF Hardware Factory who been working hard to deliver the high standard satisfiying fulfillments! It has been a year of great team work and great acomplishment, the company made a huge step forward thanks to you all.

    And a warm thank you to all our customers and partners for the trust you placed in us. It has always been a pleasure interacting with you.

    Our Spring Festival vacation will start from 8 Feb, 2024 to 17 Feb, 2024. There might be a little bit of delay replying your message, but don't worry, we will try to reach you ASAP.

    So, let's bid farewell to the year of rabbit and embrace the new year of dragon!

    Yours Simon Wang,

    From RF International

      Make International Business Easier!
      Hope, Create, Success, Happy. 
      We bring out the BEST.
      Customer first, Service sincerely,
      Quality excellent, Great reputation.

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