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    Advantages of Automation

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    The main goal of automated systems is to reduce human intervention. Human operators are prone to error and fatigue, which can lead to all kinds of problems. The adoption of automated systems will yield huge benefits in terms of profit, productivity, safety and quality. The advantages and disadvantages of using an automated system are listed below.



    More Consistent Production::When properly designed, robotic systems can reduce production time by efficiently performing complex movements. Higher productivity means greater output and better profits. In order to achieve faster movements, the driver must provide sufficient force and the motion flow of the links and joints must be smooth without any unnecessary transitions. Also, computers can process faster and more efficiently than humans. Humans can indeed process more complex information than computers, but when human error, rest, and sick leave are factored in, computers perform better.

    Increased Repeatability: Production lines are efficient because operators are somehow “programmed” to repeat sequences of actions. This requires minimal decision-making, i.e. actions are primarily controlled by a set of predetermined, specific instructions. These repetitive movements can be broken down into simple translations and rotations and programmed into the robot. Repeatability is increased due to the drive design with a near constant range of motion.

    Precision and Accuracy: As mentioned earlier, the drive is designed to perform a constant range of motion. The behavior of the actuator motion does not change unless there is a feedback signal or a change in the control variable. This automated system can be calibrated to provide the same output with minimal or no deviation.

    Increased Product Quality: In an automated system, products are created with consistency. Human errors and errors of subjective judgment are avoided. An automated system operates according to logic and evaluates whether a certain condition satisfies the expected output. Constant verification can be done through a feedback system, which is more efficient than humans.

    Better Working Conditions:Technological processes such as excessive temperature, excessive pressure, excessive pressure, too fast action, and toxic materials will cause safety hazards to operators. Automation can allow robots to perform unsafe tasks and avoid injury or even death.

    Lower Operating Costs: In addition to the additional profits due to better quality and consistently higher productivity, other economic benefits can be derived from less waste of raw materials and lower labor costs. Less material waste is achieved by the automatic feeding system, and the consistency of raw material usage. Through programming, the feed volume can be easily optimized. In terms of manpower saving, one robot can do the work of multiple people. In the long run, these benefits will offset the high investment costs of installing an automated system.

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