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Bullet Hinge

Bullet hinges are the best choice for your welding projects. Our weld on bullet hinges are welded on for extra strength and security. There is a wide variety of sizes of weld on bullet hinges from RF Industrial Hardware with an assembled length range of 1-15/16" up to 10". Available in the popular plain steel and stainless steel body and pin materials, we also offer type 316 stainless steel, aluminum with a stainless steel pin, steel with a stainless pin, stainless with a steel pin, and steel with a brass pin. Many of the sizes are also available with a grease fitting attachment for lubrication. If you are looking for additional sizes, material combinations and even different size pin lengths, we can supply the perfect custom weldable bullet hinge for you. Our RF customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.

Bullet Hinge

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