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Choosing the right hinges for your garden gate

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When plan to secure your garden, gate fixings should never be overlooked. Not only because they offer a visual deterrent for potential intruders and danger, they also create a secure boundary and safegaurd for your property. However, with a broad selection of gate fixings available now, it can be quite hard knowing what to use and which to choose. Thus, we introduce two comman gate hinges to ensure a durable and quality finish for your garden.

Tee hinges

Tee hingescomprised of a rectangular-shaped knuckle which fitted to the gate post and a tapered strap that mounted on the gate offers great security.

They are frequently used on light-weight gates or like shed doors and are available in weld-on and bolted on. What’s more, Tee hinges are fairly easy to install. Simply put it in-line with your gate and  the tighten your screws in place.

Important tip: You’d better not to use old screws to do your gate fixings. Exposed to the humid enviroment, even the standard and new screws with no surface coating can rust and corrode soon. It is hignly recommended to use ruspert screws for excellent durability.

Tee Hinges

Which size Tee hinge should I choose?

If you want to keep your garden door hanging, choosing the correct size hinge for your gate is of great importance because a small hinge may fail to offer enough stability.

For Tee hinges, you need to keep the hinge length of at least half the width of the gate you are going yo hang. Take a 1000mm wide gate for example, a 1000mm wide gate will need a at least 500mm Tee hinge.

As to any gates above 2100mm, a third hinge need to be added on to provide additional support. Besides, if you’re hanging a gate to this tall, you are recommended to use a strong, heavy duty hinge.

Where do you place tee hinges?

Hinges are usually positioned 15cm down from the top and 22.5cm up from the bottom of the door. For a heavy door such as a fire door, a third hinge can be placed equidistant between these two.

Strap hinges

Similar to Tee hinges, the rectangular knuckle gives way to a second tapered strap. But do you know what for?

Strap hinges are typically mounted on bi-folding gates where a gate is hung from another gate. So, you would use Tee hinges to fix your gates to each gate post, and strap hinges to create your bi-folding gates.

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