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Gate/Door Latches

We manufacture many models of door & gate latches and both are available in assorted sizes depending on your requirements. RF Gate Latches are a traditional device with a new, simple design that you can count on. Some popular styles as follow,

● Slam Action Gate Latches

● Heavy-duty Bar Gate Latches

● Slide Bolt Lockable Latches

● Barrel Bolt Latches

● Toggle Clamps

RF Gate Latch Features

● Our latches are constructed from a solid piece of high quality steel.

● They are powder-coated in an attractive & durable black matte finish.

●  They're easy to install and operate, easy to lock and unlock, and function perfectly in cold and icy conditions. No need to remove your gloves in cold weather!

● Highly versatile, our door and gate latches can be used for doors & gates that swing or slide to the left or right when being opened.

Gate/Door Latches

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