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    Guide to buy door hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 19-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    When facing the task of choosing the right door hinges for your applications, the first concern is the load capacity. Sure, manufacturers can provide you some information, but you still need to do some more research yourself.

    Your commercial or residential application will undoubtedly suffer a lot and even worse, causing some safety problems provided you choose the wrong hinge where the installation is concerned. It is significant to look for a hinge to match the specific requirements of your door opening. Finding door hinges that fit your demands entails some work.

    Commercial and residential door hinges are essential elements of hardware. This is because the hinges weigh in by connecting various heavy objects of the doors and stabilizing them for easy rotation. Generally,  we refer to these hinges as heavy-weight ball-bearing, anti-friction bearing, and heavy-weight hinges.

    These hinges are designed to meet the demands of heavy doors in high-traffic areas. Commercial hinges typically demand using a give-knuckle, ball-bearing, or heavyweight hinge. This, however, is not the common case because heavy-duty doors are not peculiar to certain places.

    Flat hinge

    So how do you determine whether you need a heavy-duty or a standard hinge for your commercial or residential doors?


    You first need to determine what type of door you have. Will it be a high-traffic door or a door that is not used often? If your answer is the former, then a gear hinge would be the best option.

    Standard hinges do not work well for high-traffic, heavy, and abused doors. The long-lasting benefits you seek depend on choosing the right duty hinge for your project.

    Choosing the right hinge requires consideration of the frequency of use and the weight of the door. You can estimate the frequency by just determining how often the door opens and closes, or the daily traffic frequency.

    High-frequency =Abused doors or the ones used more than 25 times daily

    Medium-frequency=used 10 to 24 times daily

    Low-frequency =used ten times or even lesser daily

    Examples of high-frequency gates can be a hospital, school, employee entrance, or storefront doors.

    To determine which weight capacity is best for your application, you need to take the frequency and combine it with the weight of the door. The rating you get will determine which working hinge is best for you.

    Let's look at the standard, select categories:

    COMMERCIAL GRADE HEAVY-DUTY (LL)– Doors in the low-frequency category up to 1000 lbs must use HD hinges along with additional fastener holes. If the door is complete, very heavy, or taller than normal doors, we recommend using nuts in the door and frame.

    COMMERCIAL GRADE HEAVY-DUTY-For doors that are in the high-frequency category and weigh up to 200 pounds, you must use heavy-duty hinges. Doors that weigh about 400 pounds and fall into the midrange category will also benefit from heavy-duty hinges. Likewise, you can use heavy-duty hinges for 600 lb or low-frequency doors.

    RESIDENTIAL GRADE - STANDARD DUTY =you may use the standard duty hinges if your door weighs 200 lb or is a medium-frequency door.


    The load capacity and weight of your door are easy to manage if you choose the right size for your hinge system. This advantage prevents many unnecessary processes from taking place, especially those that could weaken the frame structure and doors and be visually unsuitable.

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