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How Do Toggle Latches Work?

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Toggle latches are built with a specially calibrated cam action that guarantees sturdy locking when fully closed. This can provide resistance to some impressively strong forces on higher-end industrial varieties. However, it’s common even on these models to see a built-in spring-loaded lever action which means that little user effort is needed to flip the catch back open when needed.


The cam action on a toggle latch is calibrated such that a moderate amount of force is required to overcome the cam resistance when folding the catch open or closed. Either side of this peak resistance point in the cam mechanism, the catch will move relatively easily back and forth. Once manoeuvred beyond the cam, the toggle latch will snap soundly into place and remain securely closed. Precisely how much force is required to open or close a given toggle latch depends largely on three factors - namely the size of the cam’s ‘bump’, the tension in the spring or clip, and the length of the handle attached to the mechanism.

Longer handles will typically require less force than shorter ones to overcome the equivalent cam calibration. This is because they provide the user with a more effective quick-release pivot through which to transfer force along the opening and closing mechanisms.

As mentioned above, some types of toggle latch are fully lockable to prevent against both accidental and nuisance tampering, and many types come with catch plates or split pins to help secure the closed latch against unintentional opening caused by excessive vibration.

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