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How Many Types Of Toggle Latches Do You Know?

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There are many different types of toggle latch available, each with their own unique appearance and characteristics. Learn more about the varying toggle catch types below:

Adjustable Toggle Latches

Adjustable toggle latches usually feature a threaded rod linking the hook or ‘claw’ to the fastening plate, meaning that their positions can be adjusted relative to one another.

This allows for additional tensioning - i.e. tightening or loosening - of the core cam-lock mechanism. In turn, this makes the toggle latch more or less easy to manoeuvre into or out of a closed position.

Spring-Loaded Toggle Latches

A spring-loaded toggle latch, sometimes known as a spring claw toggle latch, includes a tightly wound metal spring as a core part of the cam system.

This makes the product smoother and more convenient to install and use by offering wider positional tolerances than non-sprung versions. It also helps with additional opening and closing forces for overall ease of operation.

Lockable Toggle Latches

A lockable toggle latch is an ideal option when you need to ensure that a panel, hatch, cabinet or case won’t be accidentally or deliberately opened, either through intentional tampering or as a result of exposure to excessive vibration.

Locking toggle latches tend to be medium-to-heavy duty and can be supplied either with or without the actual locking hardware itself.

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